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farewell, blogger. it's been real. if for some reason you don't redirect automatically, click here.




Drumroll please!!!

Are you ready for it?

Are you sure?

Are you really really sure?

Surprised? So were we! Ever since we tried to create our blog that name has been taken. Blogger. Wordpress. Yahoo. Hotmail. Google. Basically anything that was free. I am just thankful that there are so many freeloaders out there.

Anyways, our blog isn't quite finished. At least not 100%. We need to write our bio's, so please excuse their lameness. We also need to add a few categories and pages and such. We will post on each of these updates for you.

I will personally post a few more times on THIS site to let you know to move over. All of our "real" new post will be there.

As I said... If you have THIS blog bookmarked make sure to make the change.

I'll see you over there!



We are moving our blog THIS WEEKEND!!!

Alright, I have got our new blog up and running. I will be tweaking a few little things this weekend to make it perfect (or at least not completely crap.) I'll post the new address on Monday.

Are you excited?

Are you ready?

Want me to STFU already?

LOL... I'll even post the big pile of shit I had to go through to make this happen. /sigh

Until Monday...

**EDIT** p.s. this is jess. please update your blogrolls for us! please!!! xoxo


running to stand still

if you're a human, you can probably relate to the title of this post. lately, it feels like everything i do is for naught. i am not getting ahead, but i am certainly not getting behind, either.

i told you i always see a rainbow.

i haven't written for a while...and here's why: there seems to be a clog in the torso chute. i want to write, but the words won't come. perhaps the problem is that i am not willing to share. whatever the case may be, i am attempting to FORCE myself to write just to get the juices running again... in the hopes the words will return. i know i've blogged about this in the past, and i'd apologize for the repeat, however i strongly suspect i'll run into this issue again in the future. then, you, my dear reader will be subject to yet another empty apology.

who needs that?

the good news: i'll have a road trip post to make in the very near future. my latest travel takes me to beautful portland, oregon. while i am there, i may have an opportunity to meet a very famous journalist and i am just hoping i can swing it! if i do, i'll share. you all know i am just in love with journalists...they are REAL celebrities!!

at any rate, things are less than decent in the house of jess. but i'll be fine. don't send me sympathy, send me a beer. and a cigarette.

and comments aren't necessary. if you've made it this far, i congratulate you. :) i think i hear the wahhhhmbulance in the's coming to pick me up.

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Thank you friend!

I have a friend who made my day today. I just want to say thank you!

This friend of mine brought me a "beverage." If you know me, you know what I mean. /wink Anyways, I was having an alright day, but he was having a crappy day. This is when Tom comes in... aka Tom Collins that is.


I hope you have a better week. Thank you for walking me over a drink. I think we need to designate a Tom Collins day. At least once a month.

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Update on the Cough Assist Machine for Isis!!!

Here is the email I just received from Nick today. I personally want to tell everyone THANK YOU myself. Many of you helped Isis out for me. I really appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Now if you blogged about this for me you might want to update your blog so that everyone knows that Isis and Phoenix got their machine.

Hello Everyone,

This last week Jasmine and I both got Influenza A and were hit hard. Of course Isis got the virus too and was admitted to hospital. Because of Isis getting sick with a virus that has killed 4 children here in Perth in the last three weeks, it was more crucial than ever that he get the Cough Assist Machine.
Now for the good news. Take this time to pat everyone of yourselves on the back!Thanks to your donations (Friends, Family, Strangers, etc) and the Steve Waugh Foundation here in WA, we walked out of Isis' hospital stay with an Emerson Cough Assist Machine!
Because of your UNBELIEVABLE support, we also have plans (and funds enough) to buy a power generator so that Isis and Phoenix's machinery (Cough Assist, Bi-Pap, Humidifier and Kangaroo pumps) will work in the case of a power failure. Isis uses each of these devices on a daily basis, and now Phoenix too uses a Kangaroo pump to aid in keeping her nourished.
We have plans to donate any left over funds we might have to The Muscular Dystrophy Association of Western Australia. They have done so much for us. The MDAWA is running their own fundraiser to acquire 25 Cough Assist Machines for children with Muscular Dystrophy here in Western Australia. It is a huge undertaking and we want you all to know that any residual funds will be going to support this worthy cause. We are so grateful and humbled by the generosity of every one of you. We are so touched and appreciate your support, beyond measure.
As promised, you will still receive one more special gift from Isis, along with some photos of him using the machine (he is such a good boy already!) We hope to let you visually see some of the results of your gift to us.
Once again, we are forever thankful to you. We love you. If you know of anyone who should get this letter, for helping in any way, please pass it on!
-Nick, Jasmine, Isis and Phoenix
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